Areas of practice


Registration of citizenship, work visas, obtaining passports, comprehensive support of new immigrants.


Registration of companies, societies without goals of earnings and partnerships, administration, management.

Surrogacy, IVF

In Israel and abroad, checking contracts, submitting processes for establishing paternity, bringing children home, consents from surrogate mothers, questions of egg donors.


Banking issues

Opening accounts, managing and monitoring accounts, money transfers, communication with banks.


Shareholder and partner agreements, employment agreements , real estate purchase and rental agreements .


Commercial, civil and administrative disputes. Resolution of labor issues. General consultation.


Debtors and creditors

Representation of the interests of debtors and creditors, collection of debts, release from debts and arrests. Bankruptcy.

Import and export

Work with tax and customs authorities, examinations, work with ministries.



The company specializes

in the fields of commercial, civil and administrative law, as well as in real estate, trade, energy, natural wealth, business structuring and cash flows.


Customer profile

of our company: financial and administrative entities, individual businessmen, private individuals, companies in the areas of specialization of our company.

Competitive advantages:

efficiency and dynamism; unconventional thinking; not a team but a personal approach; confidentiality; experience with the special clients.


Alexander Borochovich

Alexander was born in 1980 and in 1993 repatriated to Israel, where he graduated from high school, sports school, military service in the special investigations unit of the Israel Defense Forces, and later, like most of his army graduates, achieved the law education.

In 2007, Alexander received a lawyer's license and began private legal practice, focusing on commercial and administrative law.

In the same year, Alexander was the legal adviser to the youth wing of one of the parties of the 17th convocation in the Knesset of Israel.

Since 2013, Alexander represents the interests of Israeli structures in various organizations of the CIS countries and promotes entrepreneurs and companies to conduct business in Israel and abroad.

Lawyer Borochovich is a member of the Corporate Commission and the Real Estate Commission of the Israeli Bar Association.